Mandisa Does Christmas

Mandisa  “Christmas Makes Me Cry”

Here I am with my first song on my playlist and I am already breaking the published purpose for this blog.  I said that I wanted to highlight tunes that would not be on the radio and therefore most people would have missed.  This song originally released on her 2007 Christmas EP has already been played on the airwaves scoring Mandisa a #2 hit on the Christian AC charts.  Like most Christmas tracks, this song barely had a month lifespan on the air.   Therefore not everybody got a chance to enjoy this song.  Making a reprise, Mandisa added this song to her full length Christmas project that came out in 2008 allowing fans who missed the track to get a chance to hear it.

I love Christmas songs, and particularly new songs composed for the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the standards, but to hear artists adding new classics is always a treat.  This track is composed by as well as sung by a great, young songwriter who is no rookie to soul stirring songs:  Matthew West.  West along with Mandisa deliver a great vocal performance to this Christmas ballad.  Mandisa, contestant on season 5 of American Idol, has a strong voice that pairs nicely with West’s mellow tenor.

What makes this song worth catching are the tear jerking lyrics.  The two artists sing about how the Christmas season reminds them about loved ones who have gone home, soldiers who are off fighting, and family and friends who are all away during the holiday season.  What caught me about this track is how it is so relevant to my Christmas season.  My wife and I were discussing family and friends who have passed away and how it was hard to believe they would not be here this Christmas.  Their memory is still so fresh, but their presence is missed.  The track finishes with the Christmas story.  It is the birth of Christ who died on the cross for our sins that gives us the hope that we will see those loved ones again.  Whether its tears of gratitude for God’s sacrifice or tears of pain for those who we will miss this season, it’s hard not to shed any while listening to this soon-to-be classic Christmas song! 

Merry Christmas,



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