Purpose of this Blog….

The purpose of this Blog goes against my rules of music. In our age of downloads, most people miss the context of the songs on their iPods. I know that sounds rather snobbish, but that is my opinion. Think of a disc as a book. If you pulled out your favorite chapters from that book, say chapters 1, 3, and 10, and shared them with one of your friends. Would they understand the entire premise of the book. If the book was a work of fiction, would your friend completely grasp the story? Of course they wouldn’t. In my humble opinion, that is what we do when we download a few songs from an artist’s complete project. We miss the context with which those songs were penned and recorded. In a recent article on www.billboard.com, artist will.i.am, of the group Black Eyed Peas, said that their were no albums anymore. His reasoning was that you create a project of 12 tunes and place them on itunes. People, he said, then pick at those tunes like a scab. As disgusting as that sounds, he has hit the nail on the head. People pick and choose the songs they want versus the artist complete work.

With that said, the purpose of this Blog is to highlight songs that a downloader might have missed. The typical song downloaded is something heard on the radio, and often times the best songs are those never singled off a project. Therefore, there is a lot of great music missed by the average person. So my goal will be to hit some tunes that you might have missed. I will hit both the secular and the sacred. Being a music fan, great songs have lyrics that hit home, no matter who does them.

Now a few ground rules: 1. We will not count off for spelling. I will try to make sure every entry is grammatically correct, but occasionally something will slip by. So, please do not discount the post due to my haste or ignorance. 2. This is only an opinion, my opinion, but an opinion none the less. No matter how wrong, everybody has a right to their own view of things and this Blog will feature my opinion of each song. 3. This is a dialogue not a monologue. Please feel free to comment with any differing thoughts. I am a big boy and will not be offended. It’s only music. 4. As you can already see, I am very verbose. I will try to keep this brief, but I cannot guarantee anything.

Thanks for your time and I hope your enjoy this Blog as much as me. My goal is for somebody to discover a song they might have missed that will bring some encouragement, a smile, or maybe even a tear.




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