A song from Christmas past…

Mercyme  “Christmas time is here”

From the first few notes of this great Christmas song, memories come flooding back.  From an age when televisions were a piece of wooden furniture and not hung on a wall, this classic song was apart of one of the most continued watched Christmas programs: A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Low tech by today’s standards, the cartoon is still loved today with a story that I am stunned they still allow on tv.

Mercyme, one of Christian musics premiere groups, covers this song on their 2005 released Christmas disc.  Their version pays homage to the original with a lush,  light jazz arrangement.  The track is highlighted by a Chris Botti styled trumpet solo that gives the song an updatedfeel.  The group adds their signature to the song without taking away from the nostalgia of the original.  This is one of those tracks you could put on repeat on the cd player and never grow tired of listening to.  The entire disc is fabulous, but this has to be the gem of the disc.  Tackling a childhood classic is treading on thin ice, but this is a rendition that even Vince Guaraldi would be proud of .

p.s. For some fun blasts from the past, visit the group’s channel on youtube and watch covertune grabbag.  The group shows off their sense of humor by covering some great songs from the 80’s.  Our family has decided that “Eye of the tiger” is the best!



One response to “A song from Christmas past…

  1. Where’s the cover tune grab bags? Those were the finest musical arrangements seen in years!!! Get with the program Siskel and Ebbert

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