My theme song for this past year!

Francesca Battistelli  “Unpredictable”                                                           

2008 was a rough year for our family.  It seems that when things had settled down from one event, something else would happen that would throw our lives into an upheaval!  We found ourselves constantly asking God what He was doing.  After hearing this song, I decided that this had to be our family’s theme for 2008. 

Released in July of 2008, this young lady could easily be compared to Vanessa Carlton.  With her big voice and piano driven pop, the comparison is easily heard.  The lyrics on this track describe how we try to often guess what God is going to do in our lives only to be surprised when He actually does something differently.  God has the audacity to have a plan that often times is different than mine.  He acts in ways that seem contrary to the way I think He should act.  In my way of thinking, He is “unpredictable” when in actuality He is the consistant, constant one and I am the fickle, unpredictable being.  Walking in faith is hard!  I want to see the beginning all the way to the end, but God has this way of not showing me more than the next step.  After hearing this great song by Francesca Battistelli, I can take comfort that I am not the only christian who feels this way!


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