A song about my wife….


The Derek Trucks Band “Sweet Inspiration”

I am a sucker for old school Stax records R & B.  I love that timeless sound mixing the Hammond B-3 organ with guitars and drums.  It never seems to get old!  With this song, the Derek Trucks Band create a song in that old school R & B vein. 

From the first few notes of the organ, Sweet Inspiration is an infectious song; the catchy melody is easy to sing along with.  But even with such a memorable tune, it was the words that caught my ear on this track.  2008 found me in a hospital room leaving my wife in charge of everything.  She had to do it all.  From helping me get dressed to making sure the toilets worked, She had to do it everything.  I depended on her for my very existance!  While listening to this track I was reminded that she is my inspiration!  While some women would have broken down or even left, not my wife she was strong!  I am so grateful for the woman God brought into my life some 20 years ago!  We both pledged in sickness and in health, but you never think that you will have to face that.  We did and she kept her promise. This track relays my feelings about my wife in a style that makes me tap my foot and hum along!

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